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Ashes scattering ceremony inspiration

Ashes scattering It might seem an ashes scattering ceremony is ripe for things to go wrong. Prone to misadventure, the ceremony will need to contend with not only the elements but physics, too. While calculating the current trajectory of the gulf stream and the angle of your scattering hand can be effective, you may also […]

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What is organ donation?

What’s there to know about organ donation? You might think of someone who’s died as a useless lump of nerve endings who won’t help you with tax returns anymore. But, up to 50 people can benefit from the tissue donated by just one person. Whether you’re interested in organ donation but put off by whole […]

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What to do after someone dies

What to do when someone dies It can be difficult to keep on top of the practical side of death. When someone dies, there are certain steps to follow and while a death needs to be registered, there are other documents that need tackling first. Whether it’s the apparently endless paperwork or you’re feeling overwhelmed […]

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How to arrange a DIY funeral

Arranging a DIY funeral A Do-It-Yourself funeral is still seen as an unconventional choice for a send off. Using a funeral director isn’t a legal requirement, but going through the arrangement process alone does take particular organisation. The DIY funeral can be viewed either as an option that’s unnecessarily stressful, or one that’s a meaningful […]

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Arranging a cremation

Arranging a Cremation If you’re thinking about a cremation you’re in good company. Around 75% of all funerals in the UK are now done by cremation. This may be because cremations tend to be significantly cheaper, in most ways, than a burial. Whether you only want to know more about the cremation process or you […]

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Arranging a burial

Arranging a burial Arranging a burial service mostly involves choosing where the service will be held and a burial plot. Burials are generally a little more expensive than cremation, due to the demand for plots, the maintenance involved and the extra fees for a church, funeral directors and decorative extras along the way. Burial is […]

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