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Apps to help you out in older age

Apps to help you out in older age Going to the doctor and being prescribed a trip to the App Store might seem surprising. But in 2016, the NHS created a beta site which detailed a group of apps it was endorsing or was actively involved in creating. Here we’ll look at some of the […]

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How do we define death?

Defining brain death  Before the ’60s, death was diagnosed after a doctor couldn’t find a pulse or heartbeat. The increasing use of ventilators, however, meant that unconscious patients were being kept alive. In the late ’60s, thoughts in the medical world turned to creating a clearer definition: death is when the brain stem is irreversibly […]

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What happens at a natural burial?

What to expect at a natural burial You’ve heard of natural burial – all that fresh air, compostable material and the sense that the person who’s died is getting back, literally, to their roots – and you think it’s a great idea. For some people, though, going to a natural burial won’t be something they’ve […]

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