About Us

Death.io is a fresh approach to funeral planning.

We want to change the way people think about their future by helping them to plan their own send off. After all, death is the one thing we have in common no matter your background, language or beliefs.

We’re based in Bristol, the proudly independent city that gave the world bungee jumping and Banksy. Our focus on those who are individuals comes from the city’s own character.

Our Aim

Death’s aim is to help everyone go out on their own terms. We understand that some people want a conventional funeral, with dark suits and a classic hearse. We’re here to help anyone who wants something a bit different.

By taking a modern approach to death, we hope to reduce the fear in having that conversation about what you’d want to happen when you go. Our site is neat and easy to use, so anyone looking to plan their own funeral in a unique way can do so with confidence.

Who We Are

Death is an independent team of people who love what they do. We’re here to help you plan for your death so you can get on with living.

Where to find us

1 Victoria Street

[email protected]

Death is a trading name of Deathio Limited, registered in England and Wales at the registered office address: 6th Floor, 60 Gracechurch St, London, EC3V 0HR