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Bristol’s top 5 cemeteries

Bristol’s top 5 cemeteries A day out at the local cemetery isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. You may find it hard to justify your decision to spend an afternoon among the long dead rather than any other ordinary activity. You’ll most likely be met with worrying looks, the same exasperated sigh or well-meaning […]

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Getting older? Make decisions about death and enjoy life

Getting older Whether you’re ready to start planning for death or you’re only just realising that you’re steadily gaining more grey hairs and wrinkles, it’s important to plan for both the dying process and your remaining years. Getting older means facing difficult conversations head on, but it also means more discounts on fun things and […]

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The top 5 morbid spots in Bristol

A quick guide to Bristol’s more morbid spots It turns out that a lot of places in Bristol are, in fact, haunted. Here’s a look at Bristol’s macabre past, with reported sightings of ghosts, stories of gruesome deaths and even the city’s historical penchant for reusing the skin of dead prisoners in order to upholster […]

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Burial or cremation: the options

Burial or cremation: the options Here’s a quick rundown of the options you have when planning either to be cremated or buried. While there’s nothing wrong with a crematorium send-off or your local parish cemetery, it may be that a look at some alternatives make you re-think your own preferences. What options do I have […]

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Where to start when funeral planning

Where to start when funeral planning Whether you find yourself coping with another person’s death or you’re ready to start thinking about your own, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Here you’ll find some of our most helpful articles to get you under way. Have you thought about your own death, or […]

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