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What are the costs of a funeral?

Paying for a funeral Dying can be expensive. Fees for decoratives extras, such as flowers, can escalate. Even after a quick Google search, the sheer amount of gladioli available can reckon with a wallet already stretched at the seams. Instead of panicking over the many choices presented by the flower arranging industry, here’s a clear […]

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What happens to your online accounts after you die?

What happens to your online accounts after you die? Increasingly common is our accumulation of online stuff – we don’t just have accounts online but photos, music, important messages and maybe even an alter-ego, too. All of this is thought of as property and a record of our lives.  Your online stuff doesn’t belong to […]

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How to write a will

How do I write a will? If you’re planning on dying, you’ll need to put in some legal groundwork for when the event happens. Here’s a rundown of what will writing involves.  What is a will? A will is a legal document indicating what you want to happen to your stuff when you die. When […]

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What is inheritance tax?

What do I need to know about inheritance tax? The topic of inheritance tax is so rife with controversies it must be on many people’s lists of banned dinner party conversations. Not least, it was a bargaining chip in the French Revolution. If you aren’t a French aristocrat but you are interested in what the […]

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What is over 50s life insurance?

What is over 50s life insurance? Over 50s life insurance schemes promise a payout of a fixed lump sum when you die. This is usually given to your family which can then cover their needs, your funeral or any outstanding payments. The money is paid by you in monthly instalments and once the money is […]

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What is a funeral plan?

Funeral Planning Options Around 22% of those who recently arranged a funeral did so without knowing whether the person who died had any wishes for the way it should be carried out. Funeral pre-planning, however, is a service now being provided by the major funeral companies. Whether you think this service may be of use […]

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