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What is a funeral celebrant?

What is a Funeral Celebrant? Some of us like nothing more than getting up on a stage and showing off. Reading an eulogy at a funeral, however, can leave even the most confident person feeling nervous. Getting a funeral service right often involves a big emotional effort: from putting together the order of service to […]

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Lessons from funeral history

Lessons from Disastrous Funerals They say that those who can’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So, we’ve put together some of the worst mistakes in funeral history in the hopes that we can prevent botched embalmings and unruly funeral guests. Or, at the very least, put a stop to a few bursting […]

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Embalming Exposed

The earliest forms of embalmment date back to 5000-6000 BC. It has huge cross-cultural significance and in some cases, the law requires you to embalm a body. It’s considered both a science and an art. But is it really necessary? What is embalming? Embalming is the process of preventing deterioration of the body. It removes any […]

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Swedish death-cleaning

Herring, happy-go-lucky-synth-pop and now Döstädning. Or, “Death Cleaning”. The zen-inducing practice of freeing yourself from all of your possessions before you pass away. The idea that our belongings don’t pass over with us may seem like a frightening concept to some. A bleak reminder of the emptiness of existence. To others, the feeling that you won’t […]

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Burial or cremation: the options

Burial or cremation: the options Here’s a quick rundown of the options you have when planning either to be cremated or buried. While there’s nothing wrong with a crematorium send-off or your local parish cemetery, it may be that a look at some alternatives make you re-think your own preferences. What options do I have […]

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How to have that conversation about death

How to have that conversation about death Many people in the UK die without having made a will or having talked about what they want to happen after they die. Yet, a tactful conversation can help sort out any concerns you have with your health, the next phase of your life and what affairs you […]

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