Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral with a difference

Whether you’re planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one, for right now or for the future, is here to help make it as personal as possible.

We’re still building our new, bespoke service to help you tailor the funeral planning experience but until then, this page is a great starting point for all funeral planning, split in to relevant sections. If you’re looking for additional support then you might also find our Help and Support page useful. You can find it here. 

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From Natural Burial to Resomation, there's a lot of options to consider. Find out more here.  

Find a crematorium near you

A crematorium is a place where both cremation services and funeral ceremonies take place.
There’s hundreds of crematoriums (also called crematoria) in the UK and to find one near to you either click on the button above or just follow this link.

Financial planning

You’ll need to start with the basics by being clear on the costs of a standard funeral, the basic fees involved and the ways to pay them.

Do you think inheritance tax will effect the way you plan your death?

It may be that an independent funeral director is the best way to go when you know you’re funeral will be a little out of the ordinary, as they usually offer more personal and unique services. Check the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors or the National Association of Funeral Directors for options.

Find out about funeral options

If you’d like to know more about what goes in to arranging a burial or arranging a cremation, check out our posts that cover the need-to-know basics.

Know that you don’t need to follow tradition. Find out about the different burial options there are, beyond the standard graveyard and crematorium.

Talk about death

Planning ahead requires you confront your own death. Thinking about death and dying can help you to get on living. And it helps if you’ve got some idea on how to start a conversation about it.

Planning for yourself

If you want a funeral with a difference, you’re going to have to plan for it. Planning your own funeral can reduce the fear and distress that you may feel towards your death. Thinking about the end of life process, it may be that you’re more likely to look at your remaining years in a positive way. By tackling the issue you can get on with living.

Record your preferences

If you want to make sure your family knows about your preferences, then you’ll need to make sure they’re recorded.

You can start by writing a will. This doesn’t need to be a demanding process: we’ve set out the important things to keep in mind when writing a will.

Make sure you use our online tool to send your wishes to those close to you.

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