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Where will your medical data go after you die?

Where will your medical data go after you die? You might think that you can’t get more personal than your medical records – they’re your life’s history told through antibiotics prescriptions, recurring colon inflammation and UTI’s. But with medical records comes a whole load of data stored on NHS databases, and this information no longer […]

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Paying council tax after someone dies

Paying council tax after someone dies Council tax is the cornerstone of every month’s utility bill review, and often the bane of many people’s existence. But after a partner dies, or if you go into hospital for a short time before you die, you’ll be eligible for a council tax reduction. Here’s a look at […]

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Talking to children about death

Talking to children about death We talk to children about all the biggest taboos – sex, money, bowel movements – so why don’t we talk about death? Whether you’re wondering if you should take your child to a funeral, or you’re trying to figure out how to answer those tricky questions your six-year-old keeps asking […]

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Crowdfunding a funeral

Crowdfunding a funeral One of the largest crowdfunding sites is currently running more than 100 campaigns for those looking to raise money for a funeral. While the need for people to turn to crowdfunding to raise funds for a funeral is indicative of a failing on part of both the industry and the government’s inadequate […]

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