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Crowdfunding a funeral

Crowdfunding a funeral One of the largest crowdfunding sites is currently running more than 100 campaigns for those looking to raise money for a funeral. While the need for people to turn to crowdfunding to raise funds for a funeral is indicative of a failing on part of both the industry and the government’s inadequate […]

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The best cemeteries for summer events

The best cemeteries for summer events  Cemeteries are great places for the dead, but these days they’re even more entertaining for those of us still living. If you’re planning your next big summer day out, don’t dismiss your local graveyard as just a sad place for those unfortunate enough to die. While they’re a good […]

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Dealing with death on social media

Dealing with death on social media Social media has changed the way we grieve, as well as public opinion on discussing death openly. In the Middle Ages, those looking for any guidance on death, dying and grieving turned to what was known as the Ars Moriendi, or ‘The Art of Dying’. These were books that […]

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