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Crowdfunding a funeral

Crowdfunding a funeral One of the largest crowdfunding sites is currently running more than 100 campaigns for those looking to raise money for a funeral. While the need for people to turn to crowdfunding to raise funds for a funeral is indicative of a failing on part of both the industry and the government’s inadequate […]

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70 years of the NHS in death data

70 years of the NHS in death data After launching in 1948, this year the NHS turns 70. With around 600,000 people in the UK dying each year, and around 270 deaths a day in London alone, within its life-span the NHS has seen as much death as it’s saved lives. To celebrate its anniversary, […]

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The best cemeteries for summer events

The best cemeteries for summer events  Cemeteries are great places for the dead, but these days they’re even more entertaining for those of us still living. If you’re planning your next big summer day out, don’t dismiss your local graveyard as just a sad place for those unfortunate enough to die. While they’re a good […]

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Older LGBT people and end of life care

Older LGBT people and end of life care  Those who grew up at a certain time might find it difficult to talk with healthcare professionals about their life circumstances and identity. The Marie Curie charity has recently looked into the ways many older LGBT people delay accessing care services, even when they have a terminal […]

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