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What is Google Inactive Account Manager?

What is Google Inactive Account Manager? Google won’t automatically delete your account after you die, even if it’s been inactive for years. In the past, an inactive account was flagged by Google, and the company would delete the Gmail account that couldn’t be unlocked. Now if you die, your account will most likely hang around. […]

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Will a smartwatch help you live longer?

Will a smartwatch help you to live longer? The tech we carry around with us monitors most of what we do, and wearable tech is also set to change our relationship with our health, ageing and death. Your phone can influence where you go for lunch based on your previous sandwich stops, and your smartwatch […]

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What is a digital autopsy?

What is a digital autopsy? A digital autopsy finds the cause of death with 3D imaging and computer software instead of a scalpel. From Leonardo da Vinci’s dissection table to 3D visualisations on a screen, post-mortems are undergoing a technical overhaul. From whether you think it’s an invasive procedure or you don’t care what happens […]

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