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What happens when you die in prison?

Many people believe that prisoners do not get the same death-rights as someone who isn’t in custody. While it is an area that heavily depends on circumstance, knowing what will happen in the lead up to a death and what can and can’t occur to give you the knowledge to do the porridge. Where can […]

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What is a body farm?

What is a body farm? Coming to a field near you – dead bodies, rotting among the cabbages. At least, that’s the image which first comes to mind when hearing the term ‘body farm’. While you can currently only find them in the US and Australia, the body farm debate in the UK is heating […]

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The best books to teach kids about death

Death in children’s books Kids’ books are tools to explain and discuss the greatest adventures, including, and most importantly, death and dying. From picture books to genre fiction, here’s a look at kids’ books that discuss death. This is to remind you that being a child is a time of rolling about in mud, eating […]

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What happens when you donate your body to science?

Donating your body to science is your last chance at posthumous freedom. Even after dying, you can still choose to have something done to your body that isn’t a funeral. Not only that, it’s probably going to help save some lives too. For lack of a better (albeit strangely appropriate) expression, there’s more than one way […]

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21st Century Death Masks

Death masks for the 21st century For centuries the living have been attempting to capture the likeness of the dead. Starting with the elaborately painted mummies of Ancient Egypt, the death mask has become an essential part of documenting the past. The ancient practice has stuck around, but there is now an emerging generation of […]

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How to get mummified

We obsess over how the rich and the famous live, but how do they die? There seems to be a decent amount on offer for the rest us. But what are your options, when only the best is good enough?  The answer is as old as the pyramids – Mummification. It’s incredibly retro, it oozes […]

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