Older LGBT people and end of life care

Older LGBT people and end of life care  Those who grew up at a certain time might find it difficult to talk with healthcare professionals about their life circumstances and identity. The Marie Curie charity has recently looked into the ways many older LGBT people delay accessing care services, even when they have a terminal […]

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Older people’s experience of bereavement

Older people’s experience of bereavement Older people are less likely to seek help after a partner dies, for either grief or depression. A partner’s death amongst older people is one of the most devastating forms of bereavement: this is a generation that has traditionally married young, and it’s not out of the ordinary for marriages […]

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What happens when death is near?

What can I expect when death is near? There are some common things that happen as part of the dying process. At this stage, the person who is dying is often unaware of many of these symptoms, but it can help those who care for them if they know what to expect. While it’s a […]

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Dealing with death on social media

Dealing with death on social media Social media has changed the way we grieve, as well as public opinion on discussing death openly. In the Middle Ages, those looking for any guidance on death, dying and grieving turned to what was known as the Ars Moriendi, or ‘The Art of Dying’. These were books that […]

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What is a Will trust?

What is a Will Trust? When you get down to writing a Will, you might need to think about creating a Trust. Trusts can be put in place when you are alive or set up in a Will, which becomes active when you die. The most common asset put into a Trust is property – […]

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