Arranging a cremation

Arranging a Cremation If you’re thinking about a cremation you’re in good company. Around 75% of all funerals in the UK are now done by cremation. This may be because cremations tend to be significantly cheaper, in most ways, than a burial. Whether you only want to know more about the cremation process or you […]

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Arranging a burial

Arranging a burial Arranging a burial service mostly involves choosing where the service will be held and a burial plot. Burials are generally a little more expensive than cremation, due to the demand for plots, the maintenance involved and the extra fees for a church, funeral directors and decorative extras along the way. Burial is […]

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What are the costs of a funeral?

Paying for a funeral Dying can be expensive. Fees for decoratives extras, such as flowers, can escalate. Even after a quick Google search, the sheer amount of gladioli available can reckon with a wallet already stretched at the seams. Instead of panicking over the many choices presented by the flower arranging industry, here’s a clear […]

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What happens to your online accounts after you die?

What happens to your online accounts after you die? Increasingly common is our accumulation of online stuff – we don’t just have accounts online but photos, music, important messages and maybe even an alter-ego, too. All of this is thought of as property and a record of our lives.  Your online stuff doesn’t belong to […]

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How to write a will

How do I write a will? If you’re planning on dying, you’ll need to put in some legal groundwork for when the event happens. Here’s a rundown of what will writing involves.  What is a will? A will is a legal document indicating what you want to happen to your stuff when you die. When […]

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