Not-for-profit funerals

Not-for-profit funerals This year (February 2018), the UK’s first not-for-profit funeral home opened in Glasgow. While it’s not everyone’s idea of a radical utopia, we’ve already got housing, childcare and sustainable business cooperatives – what’s to stop us from rallying like-minded people to take care of our funerals? Not to be confused with the well-known […]

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1 When someone dies without a will 

When someone dies without a will When someone dies and they haven’t written a valid will, their belongings must be shared according to certain rules. What constitutes a ‘valid’ will, however, is up for some debate. A Canadian farmer once scratched his will onto the tractor that was crushing him to death, and this seemed […]

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Who can conduct a funeral?

If you have been to be a funeral, it was more than likely conducted by someone. In many cases, this is likely to be a person of religion or a professional celebrant. Do these people know the deceased? What will they say about them? You could always do it yourself? Funerals don’t actually have any […]

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Likely deaths from unlikely things

You’ve probably heard that coconuts are more likely to kill you than a shark is. Whether or not that’s true, is up for some debate. In a world of danger and threat, the survival of mankind has relied on instinct. Our ability to sense a dangerous situation and activate our fight-or-flight response has been the crux our […]

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What is The NAFD?

If you have searched the internet for any kind of funeral service you will surely see a number of ‘stamps-of-approval’. on their websites. At a glance these accolades can make any funeral director look prestigious and distinguished, but what do they actually mean? The NAFD One of the most spoken of names in. the funeral […]

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How to be a Pallbearer

Pallbearing is a ceremonial process in which the coffin is carried to the church from the hearse and then again, from the hearse to the final resting place. In some cases it forms part of a procession where others will follow, typically, signifies the beginning of a funeral. It is rare for the deceased to […]

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