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How to arrange a DIY funeral

Arranging a DIY funeral A Do-It-Yourself funeral is still seen as an unconventional choice for a send off. Using a funeral director isn’t a legal requirement, but going through the arrangement process alone does take particular organisation. The DIY funeral can be viewed either as an option that’s unnecessarily stressful, or one that’s a meaningful […]

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Arranging a cremation

Arranging a Cremation If you’re thinking about a cremation you’re in good company. Around 75% of all funerals in the UK are now done by cremation. This may be because cremations tend to be significantly cheaper, in most ways, than a burial. Whether you only want to know more about the cremation process or you […]

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Arranging a burial

Arranging a burial Arranging a burial service mostly involves choosing where the service will be held and a burial plot. Burials are generally a little more expensive than cremation, due to the demand for plots, the maintenance involved and the extra fees for a church, funeral directors and decorative extras along the way. Burial is […]

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